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8 US Patents Portfolio with links to USPTO and Google Patents:

–   Light-weight message synchronisation technique for multi-user collaboration
–   Watch "Demo-Meeting" or start one at www.freemeeting.com
–   Remote pointers moving within the shared content
–   See moving pointers at www.freemeeting.com
–   Lawful interception for complex collaboration
–   Contact us for demo
–   Scalability of large multi-site webportal deployments
–   Used at www.freemeeting.com
–   How to share the free-hand annotated collaboration content
–   Check out this link
–   Moving cards by hand and watching others do the same like in a real casino
–   Watch and participate in the card game in "Demo-Meeting" at www.freemeeting.com or launch it yourself
–   Remote pointers are moving on someone else's websites, see them at www.enflock.com
–   They overcome "loneliness perception" in the Internet and create new ways to collaborate
–   Remote pointers are moving on someone else's websites, see them at www.enflock.com
–   They overcome "loneliness perception" in the Internet and create new ways to collaborate
–   Continuation application with advanced developments...
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Portfolio Members:

We are pleased to introduce an Eight US patent portfolio for multi-user collaboration. These eight patents disclose existing Internet meeting solutions with priority dates as early as 2007, and provide a vision for future technologies.

The portfolio includes core functionalities, which allow for

Business collaboration on shared documents:

  • To synchronize all participants within the remote content - whether it is shared on a server or desktop
  • To ensure that everyone stays focused, and is not multitasking - otherwise their pointers would not be visible
  • Full presence awareness with no video for privacy

Entertainment collaboration like gaming, gambling, dating etc:

  • To watch live reaction from participants to a player's unpredictable move
  • To ensure fairness of the game
  • Full presence awareness with no video to stay anonymous

Ad-hoc collaboration on websites:

  • The host can sell products or services
  • Visitors can "see" each other and discuss the website content

This is a potential asset for companies engaged in:

  • Internet Meetings
  • Social Portals
  • E-Commerce
  • Instant Messaging
  • Web publishing and hosting
  • Online Gaming & Gambling

Two patents 8,060,887 8,627,211 from the portfolio cover the core functionality of major multi-user collaboration tools that exist on the market today. These were patented in 2007 and are good to be asserted (the older the better). On the contrary, four other patents: web-publishing 7,765,266 gaming 8,702,505 and www.enflock.com 9,579,572 and 10,180,765 bring new business to the operating company.

This technology shows character-by-character typing and drawing as it happens in real-time. Participant's pointers are visible to each other to provide true Presence Awareness without revealing their faces via video. This is a must for business collaboration where people work on the shared documents and entertainment where participants prefer to stay anonymous.

The functionalities from both these patents and the additional features provided by the rest of the patents will differentiate the portfolio owner in a current competitive world of Internet collaboration. The patent portfolio:

  • Will serve as a safety net against potential infringements
  • Can be sub-licensed to others
  • Will protect own paid services against free ones.

Presence Awareness, as it is patented, enhances the user experience and increases user stickiness, thus reducing churn. Since Internet meetings are typically paid subscription services, this technology is revenue generating.

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