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Presence Awareness is the paramount for all modern Internet Applications. All instant messengers like GoogleTalk, Skype and others are still text-based and because of that provide very basic information about your counterparty activity. You never know whether he or she is actually watching your messenger or doing something else. Even much announced and then abandoned Google Wave showed green dots for online users, and you became aware of their real presence only when they started typing.

Freemeeting.com instant messenger is the only graphical messenger which provides true Presence Awareness, using patented technology. You can see counterparties' drawing and typing as they do draw and type, all at the same time! Moreover, if they don't draw or type, but just move mice, you see that too! So you definitely know whether they are watching your messenger or not.

Check out this meeting with 5 participants: click thumbnails to see remote pointers
  • Chrome user1
  • Safari user2
  • Opera user3
  • Firefox user4
  • IExplorer user5

This kind of Presence Awareness creates an absolutely new user experience, different from text-based messengers like GoogleTalk, Skype and others.


Freehand-created collaborative Content integrates drawing typing pictures and photos. It is much more flexible compare to HTML standard. You can show pictures anywhere, just press this icon and click the spot where you want top left picture corner to be placed. All meeting participants will see it almost at the same time (depending on network latency). Pictures can overlay, participants can draw and type over them.

You can collaboratively create multi-page content, save pages, open previously saved pages, and create links to other pages like in HTML.
Just press this icon and, holding Shift, draw the rectangle which will serve as a link for all participants. Their cursors become a hand while moving over that rectangle. If one participant clicks on that link, corresponding page will be loaded to all participants.


This brings absolutely new collaborative way of creating and Publishing websites in Internet. After all meeting participants completed the multi-page linked content, you press Publish icon, fill up short dialog,
and now meeting content is available for everybody in Internet by the link like http://www.freemeeting.com/do?view=eur/eur.web: - try it or check out the following screenshots:
  • Home page - Map with links to 3 cities:
  • London page with links Up, Next:
  • Paris page with links Up, Next, Previous:
  • Rome page with links Up, Next, Previous:

Publishing websites this way, you
- escape strict HTML rules and can't make mistakes,
- create freehand collaborative content instead.
Webserver operates as an old tape-recorder, recording all participants activity, and when Published, plays it back to Internet visitors. Content can be played dynamically too, showing its creation as it was "in progress".


Many Online Games like Cards, where you must see all remote hands, will definitely benefit from true Presence Awareness. In the following example four players can see each other hands (pointers) while moving cards - all at the same time! Double-click a card to flip it or make it Private or Public, hold Ctrl for multiple selection. Players can still draw and type score, notes, etc on the playing desk. And use Alt-Shift to draw green desktop!
  • Player1:
  • Player2:
  • Player3:
  • Player4:

Server doesn't enforce any game rules, only guarantees fairness in displaying Private and Public cards, pointers and shuffling cards. Players have much more freedom in what game to play, not being restricted by pre-defined rules.


According to government regulations, all above applications must be monitored by Law Enforcement agencies - so-called Lawful Intercept (LI). Also this monitoring might be required for forum moderators or for quality assurance purposes. Presence-enabled applications create challenges for LI compare to intercepting just a textual communication in legacy messengers. Superimposed and overlapped drawings, images and texts must be intercepted as well. Moreover, even movements of remote pointers, which don't leave tracks on the screen, can mean something and must be intercepted. Lawful Intercept of all these activities is implemented in Freemeeting.com messenger, following standard ETSI TS 102 232-5,-1
  • Officer's screen:
  • Participant1:
  • Participant2:
  • Participant3:

Interceptor's window has all controls disabled, except Quit button, and his/her drawing and typing are dropped by server and not visible to meeting participants.


Instant messengers always create problems for multi-server Load-Balancing, which is a must for commercial large-scale implementations. Freemeeting.com technology discloses the multi-server solution, based on its streaming nature.


Freemeeting.com instant messenger uses patented technology to enhance user experience with:
- true Presence Awareness with remote pointers being visible
- rich Content: collaborative freehand drawing typing pictures photos
- Publishing in Internet in a new way
- online Games like cards
- covered by eight US Patents 9,579,572 8,060,887 8,627,211 8,702,505 7,950,046 7,765,266 7,765,261 10,180,765


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